Professsional Business Plan Writers



How do I get started?

Simply speak with our business consultants to discuss your project.

How long does it take?

All projects are not the same but on the average, between 7-15 days your pitch deck or business plan should be ready. However, when necessary we speed up the process for our clients who have urgent needs.

To have a pitch deck or business plan developed by Leading, how much does it cost?

We do not have set prices because all projects are not the same. Kindly contact us to discuss your project and get the cost.

How long will my business plan be?

Some documents may only be 15 pages while others could be as long as 50 pages. The length of your business plan will depend on the complexity of your business. At Leading, we focus on putting together a quality business plan that explains your business in great detail, no matter how many pages that takes.  Our standard plan is about 30 pages.

How many slides will my pitch deck have?

Ideally a good pitch deck should have between 10-15 slides. But there are cases when it gets more than that.

Any Non-Disclosure?

Yes, we respect the business secrets of our clients, you assured that your business is safe with us, however we could sign an NDA if you want.

I can do this, why should I hire you?

We have created winning pitch decks and business plans for several clients with amazing feedback from some of our clients. Moreover, we know what investors look out for in a business plan and pitch deck, by hiring us; you not only avoid common mistakes entrepreneurs make, and you position yourself to win investors.

Does Leading Business Plans fund small businesses?

Leading does not provide funding for any small businesses at this time. Instead, we focus our efforts on creating quality business plans and pitch decks that help our clients acquire financing through investment firms and banks or other lending institutions.   We do have some enterprises and investors with whom we can put you in contact.

We are in different cities. How can you work with me to create my business plan or pitch deck?

Leading uses a combination of telephone, email, and online meetings to complete your business plan or pitch in an efficient and timely manner. No face-to-face meetings are necessary. This is quite prevalent in the industry.

My business is going to be small. Do I need a business plan/pitch deck?

Absolutely, It’s a necessity if you intend to get a loan from a bank or other investor (including friends and family), and our clients often find that it helps them make their businesses more efficient and productive with the capital they do have! Every business should have a business plan.

Why the name “Leading?”

As the name implies, our main objective is to give our clients the lead, and help them get ahead.

Do I have to put money down up front?

Yes. Without a 70% payment, project cannot begin. This helps keep our clients motivated to provide us the communication we need from them, and it keeps us motivated to finish your plan quickly so we can receive our balance.